The Beatles: Rock Band – Turning the Real Beatles into a Video Game Characters

the beatles rockband

Old Meets New

Oh The Beatles: is there no sphere of entertainment that you won’t try and insert yourself into, or more accurately, make masses of money from decades after your worldwide success? Definitely not is apparently the answer here since after hundreds of songs, five movies in which they starred, and a fair few decades, The Beatles are back in the most up-to-date form of entertainment known to man: video games. Specifically, we have a Beatles-centric Rock Band title on our hands, and it is difficult to know how to take the news if you’re hearing this for the first time. One the one hand, you have a massively successful, interactive music-based video-game sensation that has swept the world with its simulated instruments and opportunity for every to be a DIY musician, but on the other you have Beatles fans both past and present shaking their heads in disapproval and strong suspicion of marrying the two worlds of old and new. Thankfully, The Beatles Rock Band seems to have been somewhat of a success (not surprising, really), and this short review will hopefully inform you of the reasons why.
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Sonic Character Creator

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog wouldn’t change him for the world but the opportunity to tweak him around to change his look is another matter. Sonic Character Creator enables players to create their very own Sonic character with unique attributes and look, to make him feel like he is really their own. Its a very creative editor that will give fans hours of pleasure as they build and tweak their hero Sonic.

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Mii Character Creator

The beauty of being able to create your own little mini me is that you can make a new self that is as big, small, fat, thin, any colour, or type of character plus so many other things, that you can be just who you want to be when you create your Mii character. Its certainly a lot of fun deciding and gives the player/designer a whole load of choices with endless possibilities.

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Lego Creator: Control Your Virtual World

Lego has been on the go for years proving popular with boys, girls and even adults who have given the building bricks a kind of cult status. Anything you can think of can be created using Lego bricks from buildings and vehicles to people and animals. Now fans can use Lego Creator to build a virtual world where anything goes. Create all your designs in perfect 3D on your PC, its great fun.

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Second Life: A Creative Virtual World

Second Life Characters

Second Life is a virtual world where you will meet up with many thousands of individuals who log on every day to enjoy the experience. Everything you see on Second Life has been created by the users of the site, enabled by the software made available, making it a unique and interesting place. Character creation is the name of the game and Second Life gives players a superb opportunity to utilise their creative skills.

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World of Warcraft: Character Creation

World of Warcraft is nothing short of a phenomenon worldwide, making it one of the most popular role playing adventure games on the market. The creation of the character you want to lead you through this magical world is one of the most rewarding plus creative parts of the game, so it is with some pleasure I will attempt to explain the intricacies of creating your wonderful species summoned up from your own in depth imagination.

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Mass Effect 3: Character Creation

mass effect 3 character creation

Mass Effect 3 is the third and final epic RPG Sci Fi instalment in a trilogy of superb games. The character creation element of the game plays an important role in terms of creativity making for an excellent all round experience. Once you begin a new game you then have to select a character and this is where the fun begins.

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Skyrim Character Creation

skyrim character creation

Skyrim is a myth and magic RPG that is full of adventure excitement and creativity. The creative element of course comes in the guise of the excellent character creation function that is indeed worthy of praise. Creating your own character is the first decision you will make when playing Skyrim. There are many options to choose from when it comes to how the character will look while it is actually the characters race that has a huge bearing on game play.

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Pony Creator

Pony Creator is the My Little Pony character maker, that enables fans of the cute little creatures to create lots of different species, making for a really fun experience. As lovers of everything horsey it is inevitable that fans would find this superb game, where you can create your own magical characters, addictive. If you have been a fan of My Little Pony for years following all the stories, videos and games you certainly will not want to put this enchanting edition away.

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Monkey Quest: Create Your Own Adventure Monkey

Monkey Quest created by Nickleodeon is not only a superb game that brings out the creative element in players but it is a fantastic online role playing multi player experience, that children will gain hours of fun and amusement from. Kids will design and create a monkey, customize him then go on a superb adventure guiding their wonderful Avatar through a unique fantasy world. Sounds exciting? Well play the game to see for yourself what a great experience it is.

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Doodle Devil

I always believe in the power of good over evil so enjoyed Doodle God the predecessor to Doodle Devil as it has all the pure lily white elements us good folk like. That aside there is something very naughty about taking on the persona of Beelzebub himself in this brilliant follow up that I enjoy playing immensely. Man can be tempted very easily so exploiting the facet of gluttony among others is an amusing concept.

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Draw Something: The Friendly Drawing Game!

It does not take a genius to work out what the title Draw Something will entail, as it is just what it says on the packet. This cute drawing game that is available for mobile download or can be played with friends or family on Facebook and the like is a whole lot of fun. Players will not be able to create masterpieces but what you do draw needs to be at least recognisable as your opponent has to guess what your creation is. Not only is this game thoroughly entertaining at times I found it hilarious as when it comes to drawing talent I was certainly right at the end of the queue.

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Dark Spore

Dark Spore is the next release from the producers of the Spore game that is very different from its predecessor in terms of game play and story. Fans who enjoyed Spore will love this change in direction that brings a fresh new element to the Spore theme. The game is exciting with many twists and turns while it keeps a certain amount of creativity that Spore fans love.

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Spore Creepy and Cute

Fans of Spore will already have enjoyed creating their own creatures plus had fun using a whole host of wonderful features that this superb game has to offer. Now players have the chance to make the experience even more varied with the addition of Spore Creepy and Cute. New features incorporated into this pack will make the whole game play experience even more varied and exciting. Creating more creatures that are cuter or creepier will give players a great deal of satisfaction adding to what is already one of the best games I have played to date.

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Spore Creature Creator

It is always a great feeling to create something from scratch such as a delicious meal or a celebration cake for my kids. The satisfaction gained from making something that started out as a list of ingredients to become a work of art is very rewarding. So it is with Spore Creature Creator. This game is a fore runner to the long awaited Spore that promises to be a truly momentous arrival if this small snippet is anything to go by and I for one cannot wait!

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