Pony Creator

Pony Creator is the My Little Pony character maker, that enables fans of the cute little creatures to create lots of different species, making for a really fun experience. As lovers of everything horsey it is inevitable that fans would find this superb game, where you can create your own magical characters, addictive. If you have been a fan of My Little Pony for years following all the stories, videos and games you certainly will not want to put this enchanting edition away.

There are so many character creator games on the market, some excellent some not so good. Pony Creator falls into the former category as it is one of the best. The game is crammed with superb customisation elements giving the player so many options that it will literally take weeks to trawl your way through them all. Basically you can create your pony from scratch, accessorise him, then bring him to life by posing him. Its all great fun plus very rewarding.

At the top of the screen are a set of tabs containing all the instructions and customisations you will need. You can begin the process on one tab, switch to the next one, then back again as many times as you like. Really its a case of mix and match to your hearts content making for a really fun experience. Once your pony is finished you can then save him using the great editor available. You can even save your pony before he is complete coming back to him at a later date which is very useful.

First select the body and shape of your pony. Next choose what you would like him to wear. Lastly decide how you would like him to pose. Under the body selection there are seven options that include, body shape, colour, face shape, eye colour, tail, mane plus the location you wish him to stand in. The body options alone will make your head spin. Do you want him to be chunky? or how high would you like him to stand? What shape of head would you prefer ? Even the mane comes in over one hundred differing types making it hard to choose. If you want to make your own cute unicorn there are even choices when it comes to the horn. Its simply amazing!

As for accessories, there are so many, from sun glasses to capes you will spend hours trying this out, then that out, until you are truly happy with your pony’s look. Posing him is fun too as you have a good selection of backgrounds to place him in. There are seven backgrounds to pose him in but the poses themselves are plentiful. You can even use the pre pose function that selects a position for you. If like me you are more creative then you will want to pose your pony yourself. In the custom posing mode you can select any part of your animal to change position such as legs, head or mane. Creativity is the key.

Your character can be as zany as you like or maybe colourful and cute, its all down to personal preference. This is what makes this creator so special as the possibilities are so numerous. You can even import your own cutie mark to make your pony really individual, its so much fun!

Colour wise Pony Creator is superb as you can make your characters shade lighter or darker plus give him unique markings to make him stand out in the crowd. There are even different selections for hoof patterns while the option to change colour sliders is a great feature too. To sum up I heartily recommend Pony Creator. The controls plus editors are superb while with literally hundreds of choices to select from you will have hours of fun creating your very own pony avatar.

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