Skyrim Character Creation

skyrim character creation

Skyrim is a myth and magic RPG that is full of adventure excitement and creativity. The creative element of course comes in the guise of the excellent character creation function that is indeed worthy of praise. Creating your own character is the first decision you will make when playing Skyrim. There are many options to choose from when it comes to how the character will look while it is actually the characters race that has a huge bearing on game play.

There are three main decisions to consider when embarking on character creation. These are its race, its sex plus its appearance. Choosing which sex you would like your avatar to be is not crucial as all sexes are equal in terms of power and agility. The main thing to remember is that whatever race your sex is,does affect the height of your character so its good to bear this fact in mind.

The appearance of your character depends on which sex you have selected. Obviously a female avatar will look different to a male but it is possible to make changes to the appearance to satisfy your creative skills. There are many customisations to choose from such as skin tone, eye and hair colour plus hairstyle, to scars, jewellery and war paint. You can also choose to become a vampire which although it is fun you cannot actually complete your quest if you make this selection. To me the vampire option becomes obsolete as your aim is to complete your quest so consequently you wont want to become a vampire.

When it comes to race there are ten different options all with unique attributes and skills. You really need to study the races properly before deciding which one to select as it depends on what type of game you want to play as to which race will be most productive. Players need to decide which skills are going to be most important in game play before selecting a race. The ten races are

1. Altmer, who are elves that have regeneration powers plus starting bonuses when it comes to magic strains.
2. Argonian, these can breath under water, speedily heal when injured plus have many bonuses when it comes to thieving.
3. Bosmer, these wood elves have bonuses for archer thieves plus are resistant to poisons or diseases which is useful.
4. Bretons, who have bonuses for magic skills plus can absorb magic skills from spells at least once every day, making them a good consideration.
5. Dunmer, these dark elves can resist fire plus have a number of magic boosts.
6. Imperial, this race gets boosts in combat.
7. Khajiit, have a twelve point claw damage bonus plus can use night eye as and when required.
8. Nord, great warriors who can resist frost.
9. Orc, wear heavy armour, have good fighting skills plus a berserker rage ability.
10. RedGuard, great at one handed combat, can refuel energy level plus are great at sword fighting.

As you can see from the few skills I have listed above each race has a range of abilities that you may require for your quest. It is up to you to work out which will serve you the best. The skills you will achieve depend on how you play the game as your skills are deemed by your style which of course was determined by your race choice.

Combing certain skills is very important as they need to compliment one another. For instance if your skill is pickpocket then combine it with sneak and you have cracked it as what can be better than a sneaky thief. Another consideration is whether to choose stealth as a skill. You are required to be a clever thoughtful player to utilise this skill to advantage so consider carefully.

Selecting and creating your Skyrim character is a rewarding experience as the rest of the game is highly dependant on your choices. I really enjoyed creating my avatar, it was fun, creative plus sets the player up looking forward to the great game that will follow.

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